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Non-Stop Factory Removals

We take the expression “non-stop” very literally. Our reliable planning ensures you can produce right up to the last minute. Ideally we make particular use of low-production periods for relocations, such as weekends and holidays, enabling your personnel to start at the new location as quickly as possible. This avoids production residues.

To us, “non-stop” is also a synonym for our extensive experience in this business field. As a contractual partner to well-known companies, HARDER logistics regularly undertakes business and factory relocations. We are there for you – regionally, nationally and internationally – because projects don’t stop at national borders.

We have particular industry expertise in:

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Everything-from-one-source service

The supreme discipline of logistics, business relocations, are an everyday affair to us. We regularly handle projects from planning to full commissioning at the new location, including dismantling and clean-up work at the previous production site. We call business and factory relocations the supreme discipline, because we make use of the pool of experience from all business fields for our full service.

A business relocation often affects each of our areas of expertise:

  • Dismantling and reassembly of industrial plants – often requiring professional breakdown and construction.
  • Office removals – every factory has a commercial operation too.
  • Assembly of new plants
  • High-tech transport – factories are not moved on standard transports.
  • Warehouse – interim solutions are often required during the project.
  • File management – we are your partner for digitalisation, archiving and destruction.
  • Clean-up – we clear the previous location.
  • Private removals – employees move house to the new company location.

Manufacturer installers on the team

Moving a production operation or even a factors is like open-heart surgery. Our customers make their money with the production lines, machines and plants that make up the operation. We are able to guarantee safety at the highest level by using our own, highly qualified personnel. If required, we also bring in the appropriate manufacturer installers. Cooperation is ongoing throughout the project: from planning and execution to commissioning and production monitoring of the plants, which are also modified as needed. In addition to transport experts, we also bring mechatronics engineers, electrical engineers, master electricians, mechanical engineering mechanics, master mechanics, installers and engineers to the team. They are also skilled in all the standard storage systems. We regularly move:

  • Paternosters
  • Lean lifts
  • Shuttles
  • Small parts shelving systems
  • Heavy-duty shelving systems

Customised packaging

When relocating factories, production halls, works and production sites, the packaging is in a class of its own. Extremely heavy machine tools and complete production plants rarely fit into standard packaging. We arrange production of the individual transport protection, e.g. racks. We are of course familiar with the requirements of overseas packaging. We work in compliance with internationally recognised quality standards – such as the IPPC.

We think in long time frames

And the planning itself? Depending on the project, the preparations ideally begin up to six months or a year before the relocation phase. The more detail and care involved in the theoretical planning of the individual relocation states, the smoother and quicker the actual business relocation will be.

Relocations are only ever as good as the planning and monitoring that go with them. We are fastidious in ensuring that all participants stick to the jointly agreed timetable. Speak to us and put us to the test.

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