How does every part get to the right place?

Industrial assembly

Reference points for dismantling

If a machine has to be dismantled, the rule of thumb is quite clear: less disassembly results in less trouble and expense. Because dismantling can quickly become an intricate puzzle game involving up to 100 parts.

One reference point whereby the maximum transport size is fixed is the entry and exit dimensions of the hall doors or building openings. Another criterion is the expected transport costs. Because in the case over-heights and widths, special transports can quickly become very expensive depending on the complexity.

Things you need to be aware of

For the dismantling procedure, it is recommended to create your own cable layout plans. During the life cycle of a machine, there are usually changes that have not been documented. With computer-controlled machines, the data is backed up. In addition, so-called buffer batteries are replaced in order to ensure that the programs remain stored in the system.

Work operations in the mechanical area should also be carried out with a safety net and double bottom. Firstly, the components are measured relative to each other, then the markings are attached to the frame, and finally the complete entity is documented with the help of digital images.

Knowledge advantage through early involvement

The closer the relationship is to the machine builder so much the better. Some service providers are already on site regarding the basic configuration of a machine. They know the system intimately right from the very start and therefore have an edge in required knowledge when a relocation is pending.

HARDER logistics has some of the auxiliary means in accordance with order requirements such as transport bases, traverses and special consoles on which the machines are moved. Before loading, the machine is securely fixed on the transport medium in order to protect it from the direct influence of unintentional forces. Furthermore, the machine is provided with a dust cover.

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Observe packaging regulations

For overseas shipments, national and international packaging regulations must be observed. In addition to the preservation of the components, this includes the addition of desiccants in order to protect the surfaces and electrical contacts from corrosion.

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