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Property Removals

Offices, administrative departments, clinics, labs, institutions, archives

When it comes to property removals, HARDER logistics believes the workplace at the old location should be maintained for as long as possible and should then be up and running again at the new location as quickly as possible. This principle applies just as much to clinic or lab relocations as it does to office, administrative and public authority removals, or to the logistics for archives and museums.

Good planning is half the move

“The key to effective property removals lies in early planning.” This is the success formula that HARDER logistics follows. The following project schedule has proved successful based on experience gained from hundreds of office relocations:

  • The customer gets in touch up to six months before the move.
  • The removal expert from HARDER logistics visits the premises locally.
  • A multi-stage removal concept is developed.
  • Then a customised removals guide is planned and communicated.
  • HARDER logistics coordinates the trade services.
  • If required we take care of interior planning for the new premises.

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