Mechanical Engineering

On board from the basic structure to operational readiness

Mechanical engineering is often about building complex new plants and production lines. In these cases, it’s clear from the outset that the delivery won’t be achieved using a standard transport. We at HARDER logistics work closely with the supervising project engineers and chief installers, providing support during construction of the new plants and machines, the so-called basic structure. Even at this stage, we are already thinking about the best transport solution in collaboration with the development engineers. Thus, our electricians and mechanics know the system from day one and have advanced knowledge when it’s time for relocation.

FAT triggers the transport

In the next step, we deliver what you need most: a high level of flexibility in the planning. Because we know that for mechanical engineers everything now depends on the FAT. This abbreviation stands for factory acceptance test and means plant approval by the customer once all components have been checked and specific function tests have been performed. As most orders involve complex and customised productions, the logistics provider also needs to be kept informed about any modifications and, thus, delayed delivery dates. We are there for you when it gets underway and you need us.

As little dismantling as possible

If a machine has to be dismantled for transport, the general rule is: the less you take it apart, the fewer sources of error there will be. Dismantling can quickly turn into a jigsaw of over a 1,000 pieces.

Maximum transport size is governed by the size of the entry and exit points to the hall. The expected transport costs are another factor. Depending on their complexity, special transports can quickly become expensive if you’re dealing with overheight/overwidth.

We create our own cabling plans when dismantling, because it’s better to be sure. One copy goes to the customer, one stays in the switch cabinet and one stays with HARDER logistics. The data is backed up to guarantee the functionality of the plant. In addition, the backup batteries are replaced to make sure the programs are stored safely on the plant.

HARDER logistics also works with netting and a double floor in the mechanical field. First the components are measured relative to each other, then interface labels are attached to the frame before, finally, the whole thing is documented with digital photographs.

Everything from one source

HARDER logistics manufactures some tools on an order-specific basis, such as the transport beds, cross beams and special panels on which the machines are moved. The machine is fixed to the transport medium before loading to prevent distortion and protect the cargo from the direct impact of unwanted forces.

With regard to the transport itself, we provide everything from one source: from the preliminary leg to the main leg to the subsequent leg.  We make use of lorries, ships, trains and air freight as appropriate to organise your delivery. We rely on an international network of partners, who specialise in machine relocations just like us.

Inspection appointment with recipient

HARDER logistics is usually on site with the recipient before the machine arrives. An inspection appointment is used to clarify the various safety regulations, for example,  and to review the local factors relevant to installing the plant.

Good preparation is key, including for machine assembly. Based on a reference measuring point within the hall, we check all key features of the machine installation. Assembly follows the same principle. We set up the main components first. All other machines are installed in alignment with these.

If required, HARDER logistics will monitor your plant in terms of electric and mechanical function, until all lights have gone green. Our job is only complete once the production line is operational again. We are happy to help with commissioning and production start-up as well.

Info box

HARDER logistics has been named a preferred supplier by the “netzwerk excellenter lieferanten” (network of excellent suppliers) – nexel for short. The certificate attests that HARDER logistics is a preferred partner of nexel members, due to its special services with regard to industrial assembly and the associated logistics.

According to the network, nexel suppliers are preferred “excellent” suppliers. They are an integral part of the long-term procurement policy of the participating machine and plant manufacturers. nexel currently comprises seven machine and plant manufacturers and their preferred suppliers.

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